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Phase 1:

The goal of the sponsor was to refurbish and rebrand the restaurant while maintaining it as an income stream to add to her portfolio.

I initiated the project by conducting a feasibility study, developing the project charter, and meeting with external stakeholders to discuss the renovation of the restaurant and bar. They agreed to the renovation as long as the work was done during normal working hours and did not disrupt life in the building.

The restaurant had an ideal location with high foot traffic but was in a state of disrepair. While the sponsor wanted a complete gutting of the site, the engineer suggested building over the existing frame, following the “if it’s not broke, why fix it” mentality common with these old buildings.

The project had two phases: the first phase was to reform the restaurant, and the second phase was to rebrand it.

The plan involved a six-week closure of the restaurant for demolition and extraction, followed by reopening. The project would then continue over eight months with additional improvements carried out on Mondays and Tuesdays, which also served as time to retrain the staff.

I executed the renovation process by supervising project planning, managing schedules, coordinating vendors, procuring materials, and ensuring the successful completion of refurbishment projects according to the defined milestones, deliverables, and goals.

During the monitoring and controlling phase of the project, I oversaw the progress of the renovation process, tracked project performance against established milestones and goals, conducted regular inspections, managed deviations or changes through change control procedures, and implemented corrective actions as necessary to keep the project on track within the defined scope, schedule, and quality parameters.

A positive risk was encountered during the demolition phase when beautifully well-preserved, wooden, Catalan vaulted ceilings, were discovered beneath the ugly drywall ceilings.

For the closing phase of the project, I conducted final inspections, verified the completion of all project deliverables, obtained client acceptance and sign-off for phase 1, facilitated the handover of the refurbished restaurant and bar, conducted lessons learned sessions to capture valuable insights and best practices, formally closed the project by archiving project documentation, and performed necessary administrative tasks for project closure. Finally, Phase two began the rebranding.

Lechuga reform after
Lechuga reform
Lechuga reform




Avocado Toast S.L.


Demolition & Refurbishment



Phase 2:

Consisted of the re-branding. The menu was redesigned, we created a website, and partnered with delivery services, created an ad campaign, both traditional and digital. Created social media channels, and trained the staff on customer service experience. Which led them to win Tripadvisors coveted “Service of Excellence ” award.

Lechuga reform

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